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Unlock your potential

Is this right for you?

Does pain limit you from doing the things you love?

Has your physical pain got you down?

Do you want to sit, sleep, stand, walk, hike, run, meditate, dance and/or do activities you love with more ease and strength?

Do you want lasting change?

Are you interested in a subtle yet effective movement practice?

Would you like a safe, intimate, and supportive learning environment to feel comfortable bringing all of who you are to the movement experience?

Are you a women struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction?

Do you want a more versatile, potent, integrated, and embodied sense of self?

Do you have a sensitive nervous system?

Do you want your body back?

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to help?

Do you want to feel stronger and freer in your body?

Do you want to gain strength of confidence through the power of embodied presence?