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Below is a list of people and modalities along the way that have been beneficial in shaping my work, including people I have studied with, and studios/clinics I have worked out of.

Pilates, Amy de Sa, MaryStarr Hope, Balance Within Pilates, Body in Balance, Ultimate Body Pilates, Sage Fitness, Kristie Bennett, Cara ReeserSoma Physical Therapy, Spine West

Authentic Movement, Susan Imus, Neala Haze, Tina StromstedZoë Avstreih, Janet Adler, Eleni Levidi

Body Mind Centering®Bonnie Bainbridge CohenAnnie Brook , Lisa Clark

Michele Kreisberg Palmer has been very influential in my inspiration and understanding of women’s pelvic floor health. Michele has a thorough understanding of what helps to balance deeper structures of support.

Wendy Bramlett who founded Studio Be Yoga was instrumental in helping me experience a very organic and fluid approach to structural opening through yoga. Her studies in continuum movement weaved into her teaching style. She was one of the most poetic teachers of the body I had the privilege to experience. She will be greatly missed as a teacher.

Saida Desilets was also influential in my understanding of pelvic floor health and whole body integration. Her book Emergence of the Sensual Woman is an important book to help women connect to their erotic innocence.

Julianna Zazou Talley Her mastery of structural integration helped my body to integrate center in relation to gravity. I learned so much about my body experientially  through her skillful touch and guidance. I utilize my embodied understanding of my work with her to help guide my clients into a more effortless dance with gravity. I am deeply grateful to Julianna.

Contact Improvisation has brought to life my interest in the physics of movement  through “maintaining the rolling point of contact” with whatever support structure the body is in relation to, and moving from, to find supported and organized movement.

Tandava (the ancient yoga of non-duality: meditation & movement), as taught by Daniel Odier has helped me learn to unwind deep core tension and connect to an organic pulsation of fluid support for the body. Tandava practice leaves me well resourced in supple strength. I integrate aspects of these deep practice in my work.

Holding Space: A Home for Authentic Movement is a collective I co-founded in 2009 with Molly McLean, Jesse Bedirian, and Rachael Bonaiuto. We are dedicated to making the study and practice of Authentic Movement more accessible.

For anyone who has a need for physiatry I highly recommend Spine West. In particular I recommend physical therapists Julie and Phil.

I recommend Dr. William Allen for individuals needing craniosacral therapy. He is one of the most skilled practitioners I have worked with at helping to rebalance the nervous system and re-calibrate the system to orient toward resource. His re-balancing work goes to the core of issues. His number: 720.565.9784.

Additional links to nutritional orientations that have helped me live an optimally healthy life. What we do to keep our bodies integrated and strong through movement is only one facet to living a healthy lifestyle. I think it is very important to consider your diet in managing any type of inflammation in the body that could be contributing to physical pain.

I began looking into Ron Rosedale’s work and read his book to help me act preventatively with certain diseases of aging that I am “genetically pre-disposed”. His work was the inroad to a number of important nutritional guidelines that have been very helpful for me.

I highly recommend watching Robert Lustig speak about the toxicity of sugar. If you are at all interested in cutting down the amount of refined sugar in your life this video will be helpful.

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