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“I have been working with Kim privately for 2-3 years now.  I have had great relief from pain caused from injury and aging.  She has been incredibly patient with my abilities and progress.  I am now able to play on the floor with my grandchildren with ease.   Her work is the reason I am able to do many of my normal activities again.” -K.M.

“Kim is a wonderful teacher. During our sessions, she addresses mind, body and spirit simultaneously. She has a true gift.” -Grace

“A session with Kim is always a guarantee. I know I will walk out different – having had a big A-ha yet feeling grounded, safe and aware of my mind and my body so that I have something to work with before my next session.” -Liza Pascal

“How my body feels and works defines the quality of my life during my whole week, so I never want to miss a week of Pilates with Kim. Why Kim? Because there are few others with her combination of insight into my unique body movement patterns and her ability to translate into words what can connect me mentally with the changes I’m incorporating.  After a year with Kim, I have a new awareness about optimal alignment and sources of strength in my body. Also I have a new understanding about what it takes to keep strong and agile, like the concepts of lengthening tissues and muscles and of isolating and relaxing non-working muscles. At the age of 60 I have been able to start ballet lessons again after 30 years (and keep up with 20- something). Also I can hike faster and longer than ever and am back to running again. As you can see, I’m super psyched about my Pilates training with Kim.” -Carolyn Kuban

“When Kim works with me, I know she is paying absolutely close attention to what I’m doing.  She includes me as a fellow explorer:  What might be on the other side of  that (seeming) mountain? What possible routes are there?  How could the journey be easier?  What would it be like if you took this route, rather than that one?  Never judging, always encouraging, always alert and able to communicate clearly, imaginatively, with great care.  Working with Kim transforms the way I experience my body, opens my mind, and relaxes my heart.” -A.L.

“Kim has grounding and depth in the modalities she works in and has a wonderful ability to integrate them. She is exquisitely present, starting with me, where I am on a given day and helping me move to a state of more balance, strength, and ease. I experience sessions with Kim as moving together through an exploration of opening and possibility. She is skilled in knowing when I need more of a challenge. She asks me to try things that I don’t think I can do and then I surprise myself by being able to do them. When I started working with Kim, I was limited in what I could do. It was hard to get up and down from the floor. She started with me where I was with no judgment. I can now move in ways that I didn’t think would ever be possible. In the process of working with Kim, I have learned to appreciate the ways I can move and find that I judge myself less. I have also learned a lot about anatomy and movement. Now I can be present with myself and intuitively move through a sequence at home that brings me to a state of more balance, strength, and ease.”  Lori F., 53