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What is Move to Center?

An integrated approach to what it means to move with CORE STRENGTH

ballBased in Boulder, Colorado, Move To Center is a uniquely customized body-centered awareness practice and movement experience that helps individuals identify, strengthen and move from a core sense of self. This evolving and creative practice developed by me, Kim Nelson, utilizes and integrates elements primarily from the disciplines of Authentic Movement, Developmental Movement, and Pilates. It is an approach to uncovering core strength that begins with the question, “what is here in your body right now?” Through a process of self-discovery and guidance from me you will discover your sense of what it means to move with core strength.

After developing this work for over two decades, I have experienced that the essences of Authentic Movement, Developmental Movement, and Pilates practiced together offers an integrative approach to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of what it means to move with core strength.

When people ask me what I do, I love sharing that the heart of my work is helping people to enjoy the freedom of a healthy moving body. I help people discover their inner wisdom to experience their bodies as a resource to feel more alive.

 ”The changing body/soma experienced through movement as part of the changing environment challenges any fixed and deterministic notion of self and stimulates a different sense of self, self as process, participating in the movement of life.”  Dr. Sandra Reeve