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Because of the diversity of my movement training, I can quickly assess an individual’s postural and movement health and help them achieve their goals.

I have a gifted eye to see below the presenting issues of pain and discomfort into the structural imbalances and core belief systems that may be contributing to the presenting issue. I welcome the “whole” person, body, mind, and spirit, to integrate along their path of embodied wellness. I collaborate with my clients to align with their inherent wisdom and help them transform that wisdom, through their own awareness, into healthy movement.

I offer the following services to my clients:

  • Pre-Pilates/Therapeutic Pilates – Pilates and movement fundamentals for individuals struggling with chronic pain and decreased range of motion that inhibit them from participating comfortably in certain movement classes.
  • Pilates
  • Body Continuity Classes & Privates - This practice will help you unwind structural tension and rebalance the fascial and nervous systems through awareness of the support of the floor, the support of the pulsating rhythm of breathing, and the support of tracking sensation. This quality of patient attention will help to unlock autonomic motor responses to restore the structural integrity of the fascial web, giving you more access to freedom of movement and effortless alignment supported from a deep core awakening.
  • Pelvic Floor Health: Awareness & Integration - Individual or class series utilizing sensory motor modalities to increase pelvic floor awareness and overall balance.
  • Authentic/Embodied Inquiry - Utilizing Authentic Movement as an embodied approach to connecting deeply to one’s inner guidance around certain life questions.

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