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pilatesPilates is an important and sound physical re-patterning of the musculoskelatal system created by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a system of movement exercises to help you access and fortify the deep front line  of support (core structures that lie close to the front of the spine and vital organs). Pilates helps to enhance breathing and the circulation of blood. Pilates helps individuals to develop a refined musculoskelatal core, supple body and potent strength. Pilates is a graceful tool to help bring people back into connection with the effortless and tonifying support of the ground reaction force, gravity’s natural uplift.

I work collaboratively with you, beginning where your body is on any given day and introducing Pilates based movement experientials to help overall balance in your body.  I use the Pilates system of exercise as a way to address your unique needs. Individuals who come to see me for Pilates usually have a need for an individualized approach to the Pilates method. Together we assess what functional movements need re-patterning so that you can move with ease and vitality through your life.