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Embodied awareness holds the key to bring you into the present moment with a pure clarity of which to respond to life in the most direct and authentic manner. Embodied presence unlocks a deep wisdom and knowing that burns through  self doubt and helps you find peace of mind, thereby allowing your movement through life to arise from a potent beingness. My work centers around cultivating and enhancing body-centered presence. I guide you through a number of body-based awareness practices and movement experientials to help you live a more embodied and authentically connected life. I teach a philosophy or an approach to living through honoring the uniqueness of your individual body’s history and your personal potential.

If allowed and given attention, the body will often re-organize to more optimal alignment and efficient movement pathways. By strengthening your awareness you will become more conscious of habitual postural and movement patterns. I help you to sense your body’s “core” support, beginning with strengthening your relationship to feeling support from where you are in contact with the ground and from your connection to your breath. You will discover efficient movement built from the ground up to help integrate more complex movement into a sense of core support.

In order for lasting change to imprint into your nervous system the timing of this discovery needs to be experienced at a pace where your nervous system can integrate these new pathways. I always work collaboratively with you, putting awareness first of what is actually happening in your body while guiding you toward your specific goals.

You can expect a well-rounded approach to your postural and movement exploration. I am interested in helping you to identify unsupportive postural and movement habits that may or may not be rooted in core beliefs. I help you understand the possible meaning and intelligence behind certain strategical postures and movements. If this type of inquiry feels fitting for you, this can often help loosen the grip of unhealthy habits and make room for new, more efficient, and supportive postural and movement patterns to arise.

Movement can lead to new feeling; feeling can lead to new movement.” 

Mary Starks Whitehouse